France's climate change commitments trigger rising diesel prices and street protests

4 weeks ago
PARIS — The French president is under fire again, this time over rising fuel prices. On Saturday, some 244,000 protesters, many clad in yellow vests, literally took the streets in many places, according to the French Interior Ministry. The ministry ... ...

Rafale row: 'Explosive' documents raze Rahul Gandhi's claims, only reinforce Modi government's stand

2 months ago
The idiom 'lost in translation' refers to the true meaning, subtlety or nuance of words that goes missing or is misinterpreted when translated from one language to another. Director Sofia Coppola used it as the title for his romantic comedy in 2003 ... ...

NATO summit: Donald Trump claims victory after talks on defence spending commitments, Emmanuel Macron disagrees

5 months ago
Donald Trump hailed a personal victory at a NATO summit on 12 July, saying allies had sharply increased defence spending commitments after he provoked a crisis session with a tirade at European leaders ... ...

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