Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy: This is How Lazy Medics are Pushing Encephalitis Patients Closer to Death

2 days ago
Every year during monsoons, Acute Encephalitis Syndrome flares up in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Deaths in Gorakhpur are as much a story of lack of oxygen as they are of a crumbling public healthcare system. Subhajit Sengupta CNNNews18 · SubhajitSG. ... ...

Lessons from Gorakhpur

6 days ago
In UP and Bihar, epidemiological investigation has limped, preventive intervention has been inadequate, and the classic 'control knobs' of financing, payment, regulation and organisation have been ignored. 0. Shares. Share. Written by Pritha Chatterjee  ... ...

AES deaths: scrub typhus culprit, says scientists

1 week ago
Medical scientists have collected more evidence favouring scrub typhus as the killer pathogen behind Gorakhpur's Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) cases that lead to the death of hundreds of children each year. Even though the disease has been around  ... ...

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