Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar hung out with the Ambanis last night (PHOTOS)

3 months ago
Bollywood always seems to have a reason to celebrate, and parties… well… they just happen. The biggest names in the industry decided to kick off their weekend scene on Thursday itself when they stepped out to attend a bash thrown by the Ambanis. ... ...

Dangal falls short of 2000 crore mark, worldwide

6 months ago
The Bollywood industry is abuzz with the news that the Amir Khan starrer 'Dangal' has grossed Rs 2000 crores worldwide. But , the film's spokesperson says that 'Dangal' is not quite there. Dangal A still from the movie Dangal. The Bollywood industry is ... ...

5yearold Roona Begum from Tripura with unusual giant head dies before surgery

7 months ago
Tripura girl born with hydrocephalus which is a fatal condition that causes cerebrospinal fluid to clog in the brain making it swollen, died before her corrective surgery. IndiaToday.in Edited by Neha Vashishth. deskitgd@intoday.com. June 20, 2017  ... ...

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