Soap operas and the glorification of misery

2 months ago
Scenarios like these — and many others, including the normalisation of avunculate marriages or vilification of premarital romantic (let alone sexual) relationships — aren't uncommon in soaps, which primarily target female audiences. If you've

Kolkata moms continue to sacrifice careers

4 months ago
KOLKATA: Despite a sharp rise in the number of educated women in Kolkata in the past three decades, more and more professionally qualified mothers are giving up successful careers to take care of their children.The reason continues to be the same: lack

Mother's Day gifting collection at Maspar

2 months ago
Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the motherhood. Through this occasion, people get a chance to show their gratitude to their lovely and gorgeous mother. We all should recognize the contribution made by women in various facets of life. This is the

Homemaker: A job without benefits

2 years ago
: A job without benefitsFeminists might bridle at Justice S Vimala's description of a but there is no denying the truth in her last statement. The Madras High Court judge was ticking off the state motor accidents claims tribunal for fixing the worth of a

Feminists on Twitter school Mira Rajput over her silly 'feminazi' remark

4 months ago
What Rajput misses is the fact that it's feminism that really lets her have the choice to pick between and professional work. Without the brave women who ... In parts of , female infanticide is still a thing. A woman's agency is often Mira Rajput Talks About Her Arranged Marriage With Shahid And Baby Misha Like Never Before - YouTubeMira Rajput: Misha is not a puppy. I can't spend one hour with her and rush off to work, watch video

Amila Lounge Prepares Brides for Post-marriage Challenges

8 months ago
In urban , women have evolved to accompany their husbands in corporate events, organize in-house soirees or celebrations for neighbors or family friends, manage household expenses, take care of external errands on behalf of husbands, conceptualize

Lisa Haydon Lalvani's top advice for new mothers

1 month ago
Lisa worked full-time till the end of her second trimester, shooting for Bindass' web series, The Trip; globetrotted from Australia to Thailand to Hong Kong to , and back to London with husband, telecom magnate Dino Lalvani; and all the while

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