Diabetes growing rapidly & India is world's capital: Doctor

2 days ago
At a time when diabetes is rapidly gaining the status of a potential epidemic in India, according to National Family Health Survey4, in Rajasthan, 8.1% men and 4.7% women were found diabetic, which indicates that men are more prone to diabetes than  ... ...

Aadhaar Is Constitutionally Valid: Supreme Court

2 months ago
Aadhaar scheme is constitutionally valid, said Indian apex court on Wednesday defining it as unique and better than being the best. The Supreme Court said Aadhaar is following sufficient security measures in protecting the data of people and just on ... ...

BAKER: Monitor blood glucose levels to manage diabetes

2 months ago
Diabetes, like hypertension, can be a mysterious disease for some people. Many diabetics aren’t symptomatic when their blood sugar level is elevated; they may not feel any differently if their sugar spikes beyond what is normal after a meal or if their A1C (a blood test that measures blood glucose levels over an extended period of time) is high, it might be difficult to pinpoint a cause. ... ...

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