International Meatless Day: Feed your muscles with these good quality vegetarian protein sources

3 weeks ago
Will opting for a meatfree diet bring down your protein consumption? On International Meatless Day, we bring to you a variety of good quality vegetarian proteins you can opt for instead of meat. By Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published: November 25 ... ...

7day nonvegetarian diet plan for weight loss: 7 smart tips to banish belly fat by eating meat

3 months ago
Nonvegetarian and worried about whether you should include meat in your weight loss diet? Here’s a reason for you to rejoice and start losing that ugly belly fat quickly while still eating what you love most. ... ...

Scare In Kolkata Over Sale Of Dead Animal Meat, 10 Arrested

8 months ago
Mutton and chicken are suddenly dirty words in large parts of Kolkata after reports of meat from carcass being picked up from dump yards and sold. The sale of meat has dropped in restaurants, markets and outlets selling frozen products. A city of passionate carnivores is turning to vegetarian meals and fish. ... ...

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