World Mental Health Day: Dealing with anxiety in children

3 months ago
World Mental Health Day 2018: Childhood anxiety and depression can have adverse effects if left unchecked, ranging from substance abuse, delinquency, poor performance in school, and a host of other complications. By Dr Abizer Manked. Mental illnesses  ... ...

World Mental Health Day: 'Every year, the number of young people who need help keeps rising'

3 months ago
A short film, Rachana, screened on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10, tells the story of a young girl who finds it hard to come to terms with a traumatic event in her life. Her new roommate at the hostel is perplexed at ... ...

Healthy lifestyle in childhood ensures balance of gut bacteria

4 months ago
Read more about Healthy lifestyle in childhood ensures balance of gut bacteria on Business Standard. Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits during childhood may promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria later in life.This, according to a recent study, in turn, may contribute to lowering the risks of developing serious longterm conditions such as ... ...

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