Natural and Organic: The Next Paw-Something in Indian Pet Food Industry

4 weeks ago
Natural and Organic: The Next Paw-Something in Indian Pet Food Industry  Entrepreneur

Pet parents now have a diverse range of natural and organic pet foods to make a conscious choice from in order to ensure the good health and well-being of ...

In South Korea the dog wags the tail

7 hours ago
In South Korea the dog wags the tail  Deccan Chronicle

Reports filtering out of South Korea suggest the denizens there are opting for 'pet parenting' in favour of having children. This opens up an interesting line of ...

Pet Talk

4 days ago
Pet Talk  Star of Mysore

In this week's Pet Talk, Maneka tells how stressful it is for a pet to travel and how to make the journey more comfortable. By Maneka Gandhi ...

Camel milk to save camels

2 weeks ago
Camel milk to save camels  Deccan Chronicle

Rajasthan: On the edge of the Indian desert, Lakshman Raika boils tea with *fresh* milk from one of his camels, gently stirring the brew his tribal herdsman have ...

Banned in India!

8 months ago
Banned in India!  Times of India

While you may think owning a parrot or a tortoise is harmless, keeping them as pets is not just unethical but illegal, and can land you in jail.

Is your pet in pain?

3 months ago
Is your pet in pain?  Times of India

Well, lots of things could be wrong with your pet, but one thing is probably certain: no matter what's causing her strange behaviour, it's a good bet that she is in ...

How to help a stray dog

8 months ago
How to help a stray dog  The Times of India

Most people, pet parents or not, empathise with the strays on the roads. It is heart breaking to see an animal abandoned, in pain/ill, without anyone to help.

Pets and peeves

7 months ago
Pets and peeves  The Indian Express

Bengaluru municipality's new pet licensing laws are beset by the familiar failing of public policy — confusion and multiplicity of objectives.

Festive care tips

4 months ago
Festive care tips  Times of India

It's festive time again… lots of fun, loads of delicacies, beautiful decorations, and it's time to let your hair down. Somehow, pets too get into the.

Pets' day out

3 months ago
Pets' day out  The New Indian Express

Pet Fed. is India's biggest pet festival. Akshay Gupta, the founder of Pet Fed is making sure it is special.

Barking pain

3 months ago
Barking pain  Times of India

Dogs express themselves by barking. But it becomes a problem when the barking is incessant. As responsible pet parents, we must know how to nip this p.

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