Supportive partner can bring the best out of you and can be key to success: Study

1 week ago
According to a new study, a supportive partner or spouse can play a role in influencing the personal growth and psychological wellbeing of a person. By News Nation Bureau Updated On : August 14, 2017 08:38 AM. Supportive partner can be your key to  ... ...

Fathers can influence risky sexual behaviour in elder daughters

2 months ago
Researchers have found that the bad behaviour of the father may increase the eldest daughter's likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviour more than the younger ones. The findings published in the journal Developmental Psychology suggest that  ... ...

New research reveals what happens when adults learn to read

3 months ago
Learning to read is hard when you are a kid, and even harder as an adult. New research published Wednesday in Science Advances has revealed what your brain is doing when you learn to read as an adult, and found that brain regions associated with  ... ...

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