Was Salman Khan a worried man in jail? Yes, but only for his mother

2 weeks ago
Salman was worried what effect his being in jail would have on his unwell mother. He spoke to his mother on the phone as soon as he got out on bail. Other than Salman's lawyers, Preity Zinta, his sisters and his bodyguard Shera visited him in jail Bees saal baad: Salman Khan is convicted i ... ...

'Tears of gratitute': Fans shower love after Salman Khan's emotional thank you note

2 weeks ago
Soon after being released on bail, Salman Khan tweeted out to his supporters saying, "Tears of gratitude.To all my loved ones who are with me and never lost hope. Thank you for being there with all the love and support. God Bless". 0. Shares. Share. By Salman Khan expresses gratitude for ... ...

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