Dancing on Wheels

2 weeks ago
Dancing on Wheels  Myanmar Times

Most show dancers strut out onto the stage from either the left or right curtain, or climb up a set of stout stairs to get out in front of the audience. Today, however ...

Manawhari Art Gallery

2 months ago
Manawhari Art Gallery  Myanmar Times

Art galleries are not big business in Myanmar, nor that well known outside certain social circles that ordain to patronise them. But, despite a relatively low turnout ...

Art Stream

2 months ago
Art Stream  Myanmar Times

Artist Khin Maung Than and his son Min Lwin showcase their latest canvases for “The Stream” exhibition during October at Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon's ...

Seven decades made art

5 months ago
Seven decades made art  Myanmar Times

Myanmar, then-Burma, gained its independence in 1948. The decades that followed were tormented, to say the least. The country went through different regimes ...

'Womyn Now'

2 months ago
'Womyn Now'  Myanmar Times

Performance artist Emily Phyo join forces with women performers for the 'Womyn Now' series on October 27, November 30 and December 29 at Turning Tables ...

Meeting Artist Phyu Mon

3 months ago
Meeting Artist Phyu Mon  Myanmar Times

Artist Phyu Mon is a renowned artist and one of the very few women in the profession. She studied painting with U Ba Thaw from 1978 onward and graduated in ...

Hand group art exibition

4 months ago
Hand group art exibition  Myanmar Times

Collective art shows have become trendy these days so that people can enjoy different tastes and ideas of artists simultaneously. One of the current collective art ...

The Lokanat Gallery

5 months ago
The Lokanat Gallery  Myanmar Times

The century-old Lokanat building is one the rare Yangon Heritage Trust's labelled buildings hosting an art gallery – these construction boasting a blue plaque ...

Inside the human mind

8 months ago
Inside the human mind  Myanmar Times

Cross over, a travelling exhibition featuring the work of 8 young Japanese artists, launched yesterday at the New Treasure art gallery in Yangon.

The art of friendship

9 months ago
The art of friendship  Myanmar Times

Now in his sixties, Myint Soe's body has begun to slow but his mind remains sharp. While he doesn't like to dwell on it, it has taught him a few things.

The Lady in the Market

3 months ago
The Lady in the Market  Myanmar Times

The entrance to Insein Market is bustling with crowds of shoppers, gawkers, hawkers, vendors, rubes and clients of all ages but there's something more exciting ...

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