Clothes make a man

6 days ago
Clothes make a man  Myanmar Times

OSCAR Wilde once quipped on the topic of fashion, “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”. That rule holds true, but these days it can be ...

Meet The Designers

1 month ago
Meet The Designers  MYANMORE Yangon

As the curtain rises on the 7th International Fashion Week in Myanmar, meet four of the designers who will be showcasing their designs.

A Strand new style

4 months ago
A Strand new style  Myanmar Times

Upon invitation, your plucky correspondent attended 'A Prelude to (our) New Season Menu' at the Strand Yangon last week. The Strand was eager to show off ...

Vintage but trendy

6 months ago
Vintage but trendy  Myanmar Times

The 1980's are back in fashion. Internationally, plenty of brands are now reissuing models straight out of Back to the future. I've also decided to jump in the time ...

What's a Yangon Thu?

6 months ago
What's a Yangon Thu?  Myanmar Times

Vintage clothes are not in vogue in Myanmar. While they've enjoyed a renewed interest in the West, plenty in Myanmar still think Bae Htoke Tan as cheap stuff ...

Lacquerware everywhere

8 months ago
Lacquerware everywhere  Myanmar Times

Lacquerware fashion accessories will make a comeback. At least this is what Daw Maw Maw Aung from Bagan House Lacquerware, is aiming for. She hopes ...

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