Peace in peril

2 weeks ago
Peace in peril  New Straits Times

So long as we have leaders who are determined to chain ordinary people with mind-forged manacles of hatred, we — so proudly Asian — will become carriers ...

Where next for the UN?

9 months ago
Where next for the UN?  New Internationalist

Is the UN still capable of keeping the peace and protecting civilians? Was it ever? Should we give up on multilateralism? Ian Williams inspects the record.

Down but Not Out

8 months ago
Down but Not Out  Foreign Policy

This moment in world history — April 2018 — may seem like an odd time for Foreign Policy to devote the better part of an issue to human rights. After all, the ...

Mayhem in Marawi

1 year ago
Mayhem in Marawi  The Diplomat

On May 23, a unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) operating on a tip, moved in on a safehouse in the southern Philippine city of Marawi, where a top ...

So this is Christmas

12 months ago
So this is Christmas  Myanmar Times

Christmas from a Christian's perspective is supposed to be a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to give and not expect anything back.

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