The messy “Thet Kwin”

1 month ago
The messy “Thet Kwin”  Myanmar Times

As I was bored with the usual drama, action, and comedy films, I recently watched “Thet Kwin” [Killing Field] this week as the official trailer caught my fancy since ...

The Enemy (Myanmar)

1 month ago
The Enemy (Myanmar)  MYANMORE Yangon

The Enemy (Yan Thu) is now showing in Yangon from 21st to 27th December 2018. The Enemy (Yan Thu) is a Burmese Drama Movie directed by Mee Pwar ...

C02 Carbon dioxide

6 months ago
C02 Carbon dioxide  Myanmar Times

Award winning director Wyne's drama-horror film, “CO2 Carbon dioxide” is screening at nearly 20 cinemas around the country including Yangon, Mandalay, ...

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