Single leg bike race

5 days ago
Single leg bike race  Myanmar Times

Trishaw riding is punishing work. The pay is low, the hours long and finding yourself in this albeit fading but still very real trishaw profession in Yangon means ...

Saving Elephants in Myanmar

4 months ago
Saving Elephants in Myanmar  Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

In this three-part video series, follow Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists and partners as they track Myanmar's wild elephants.

A missed opportunity

15 hours ago
A missed opportunity  Daily Pioneer

Despite all the calibrated contradictions between India and Pakistan, Imran Khan's wish for talks will be fulfilled after the 2019 elections. Terror and talks will go ...

Tracking 66(d)

8 months ago
Tracking 66(d)  Frontier Myanmar

A coalition of local and international groups has launched a website to present data on online defamation cases and strengthen their push for reforming the ...

Up for the challenge?

2 months ago
Up for the challenge?  Myanmar Times

Tortuous paths may be a headache for vehicles, but it turns out to be a blessing for adventurers seeking to test their limits. To try out their strength and stamina, ...

University for the Aged

2 months ago
University for the Aged  Myanmar Times

It's a warm blue day at Mahalwa Gone train station. Of about thirty people situated around the tracks, waiting for the public train, there's a small number of older ...

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